Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things to remember, so that I won't forget

I just read a similar post from a yoga/hiking mama friend of mine and was inspired to write something that I have been meaning to write since baby bundle was born. (Thanks, Dona!)

I want to remember the way you dance with both arms up and shake your body back and forth anytime you hear music.  I want to remember the time that you yelled and laughed and crawled all over Daddy and Big Bro - your first wrestling match - in the hotel room in Boston.

I want to remember walking in the sun with you when you were just 4 months old, and realizing how incredibly happy I was, just to be your mom.

I want to remember how you knead your fist gently on me as you feed...and how eager and loud you used to be, almost devouring...

I want to remember the first time you rolled over in yoga class, how you looked up at me and smiled and giggled, and did it again three more times.  (Then you waited another good three months to ever do it again!)

I want to remember how you give off a long, deep, hum when you are getting drowsy, and how happy and excited you were the first time you waved at Papa.

I want to remember how you come and lay your head on my lap when you have been away from me for too long, and how you pat Big Brother's head with both hands to show him how much you love him.

I want to remember that you flirt with EVERYONE!  Especially older ladies and kinda scary looking men.  The toughest looking ones always seem to fall the hardest for your smile and your bright eyes.

I want to remember the pure delight you experience every time you get your tiny little hands on a tasty morsel.  I already feel like you are a teenager, eating us out of house and home.  You just seem so happy, singing to yourself and swaying back and forth...just enjoying the flavor and the texture of food.

There is so much to remember, and I don't ever want to forget.  Each moment with you is so precious, I never in my wildest dreams thought I could love like this. Or laugh like this.   You are my Buddha, my spirit, my joy. 

I love you, my little bundle. You have made me a believer.

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