Monday, March 7, 2011

Poop. Lots of it.

Little bundle is now going through a phase of major blowouts.  You know, poop up his back, on all his clothes, etc.  I have heard of this happening occasionally.  Something they tell every new parent to be ready for.  I must admit, when I was still pregnant, these "blowouts" seemed absolutely horrifying.  But when I say little bundle is going through a phase of major blowouts, I mean to say that EVERY TIME HE POOPS IT IS A BLOWOUT.  This has been happening for about a week now.  And it is a little horrifying.

I am actually feeling kinda trapped by it.  I really don't want to leave the house in the morning until after IT happens.  Trying to go to yoga -- did the baby poop yet?  How about some grocery shopping -- did the baby poop yet? A little walk on the beach... you get the picture.

But last night had to be the best incident by far.  Baby and Daddy were enjoying some super cute and cuddly bonding time on one couch.  I was on the other couch, face down in the pillows, relaxing for a few well deserved minutes.  Baby was so content, laughing, cooing, playing with his hands and feet.  Dad was super relaxed, enjoying the fact that baby wasn't screaming in protest of sleep, as he was just a few minutes earlier.  I remember thinking, "This is so sweet!  Everyone is so happy!".  After a while, I went to pick up the little bundle and felt a very large, very wet spot, all the way up his back.  He had been sitting in the crook of my husband's arm, and I realized, right away, that if baby had a huge, wet, poopy back, then daddy had a huge, wet, poopy arm.  My husband and I exchanged a quick, knowing look.  Without missing a beat, I placed the baby exactly where I had scooped him up.  Back into my husband's arms.

I went to get Big Brother out of the tub, and lucky Daddy, got to get down and dirty with super baby and his super blowout!

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