Monday, March 28, 2011

You be the daddy and I'll be the mommy.

While talking with my husband the other day, I came to a very interesting discovery.  We were discussing the boys and how our lives had both been so different before they came along.  Not very earth shattering, I know, but I was still curious.

My husband had been living life in the fast lane, and wasn't stopping for nobody.  That is, until boy number one showed up.  He said that at that moment, he knew he had to get his s#%t together.  You know, go back to school, get a better job, start bringing in the cash flow (too bad he went into teaching!). Basically, baby was born and he was going back to work.

When bundle number two was born, I wanted just the opposite.  I wanted to quit my job, stay at home, bake cookies and go to Mommy and Me yoga classes.  I wanted to put my career way back on the back burner and start using cloth diapers!  Instead of going out into the world to provide like my husband, I wanted nothing more than to stay in and provide.

Neither of us had thought of ourselves as subscribers to stereotypical gender roles.  But, there we were, both subscribing!  People always say that having a baby will change your life.  I found it fascinating that my husband and I would want to change, but in exact opposite ways.

In a perfect world, I would get to stay home and watch baby bundle sleep like an angel, while I effortlessly whipped up dinner and got the laundry done. But soon, I will have to go back out into the work world to provide.  Hopefully, I will still have time to learn new lullabies.

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